Horticulture Research Complex (HRC) was established in March, 1981 at Nagicherra, about 10 km. away from Agartala with major objectives like
(i) introduction, acclimatization and evaluation of major plantation crops
(ii) establishment of germplasm bank for indigenous and exogenous horticultural crops for future research and (iii) production of elite planting materials.


Major activities at present :

1. Production of hybrid TPS seeds – highest in the world – for catering the requirements, within and outside the state for production of table potato.
2. Trials on performance of hybrid varieties of major vegetables and standardization of agro-techniques for cultivation of off-season and exotic vegetables for rendering necessary advice to the farmers in the state.
3. Collection, conservation and improvisation of Jhum vegetables and chillies.
4. Production of vegetable seeds through registered growers’ under certification arrangements.
5. Standardization of techniques for canopy management, rejuvenation, meadow orcharding and high density plantation of different fruit crops of the state for increasing profitability.
6. Production and supply of vegetatively propagated grafts/buds etc. of plantation crops to the growers.
7. Stanardization of techniques for profitable cultivation of spices in Tripura.
8. Standardization of techniques for profitable cultivation of exotic flowers in Tripura.
9. Training and capacity building of growers’ and extension agencies.