Area expansion

It is the major activity of the Horticulture & Soil Conservation Directorate. The state is having tremendous potential for expansion of area under different horticulture crops like fruits, plantation crops, spices& condiments, flowers, root & tuber crops etc.

Production of quality planting materials

Quality planting material is pre requisite for higher productivity. Planting materials are produce in Govt. orchards and in private nurseries. Private nurseries are encouraged by providing technical and financial support.


Demonstration on new technology for popularizing of technology for adoption of technology by the farmers.

Providing assistance on different production inputs

Inputs like seeds, planting material, fertilizer & manure, pesticides are very essential for improving and sustaining the level of productivity. As most of the farmers are tenants or marginal, hence financial assistance is given to them under different schematic provisions.

Research & training Horticulture Research complex, Nagicherra under this directorate is mainly responsible for research and training.
Micro irrigation Provide subsidy for installation of drip irrigation system.
Soil & Water Conservation

Take up programmes of soil and water conservation through state plan schemes,NWDPRA,WDPSCA

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