Horticultural Society of Tripura

Horticultural Society of Tripura

The Horticultural Society of Tripura was established in the year 1986 with primary objective of developing Horticulture with special emphasis on Floriculture, ornamental gardening, kitchen gardening and Arboriculture and to disseminate related knowledge amongst the people of Tripura through organizing discussion, meeting, symposia, shows and competitions.
The Governing Body of the society is constituted with 17 members of whom 8 members including Sri S. K. Panda, IAS, the Chief Secretary, Tripura, Sri K.V. Satyanarayana, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary, Tripura & Sri P.K. Datta, Dy. Director of Horticulture, West District, respectively as President, Vice-President & Secretary have been nominated by the state Govt. and 9 others inclusive of 2 institutional members are elected by the Society. The Agartala Municipal Council and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Tripura centre have been working as institutional members. The Society has 160 life members as on date.

In its continuous pursuits, the society may now claim to have created a good amount of consciousness and love for floriculture and Arboriculture among the people of Agartala city and outlaying District and Sub-Divisional Head Quarters. A good number of flower gardens on the ground space as well as terrace of the individual houses are being visible in all most all the town areas. Many flower shops have sprung – up in the Agartala city and also in the District Head Quarters.

The Society organizes one Flower show-cum-competition and one Foliage show-cum-competition every year in connection to celebration of Republic Day & Independence Day respectively. Society also organizes other activities like technical seminar on commercial Floriculture, Floral arrangement competition of women and sit & draw competition of children in connection to Flower show cum competition.

The Society has 3 chapters at 3 outlying District. The chapters also organize Flower-cum-competition every year on the eve of Republic day celebration. The respective District Magistrate & Collector and the Dy. director of Horticulture of the District act as President & Secretary of the chapter. Many other elected and social organizations like Zilla parisad, Merchants Association, Press guild and different NGO’s etc. associate themselves with the Horticultural Society, in organizing such Flower shows in different Districts.

Apart from organizing Flower and Foliage show, the society is also developing the beautification and landscaping work at the premises of Raj Bhavan Darbar hall and Prajna Bhavan, Gorkhabasti, Agartala including floral beautification in different occasions. The Society also maintains a garden at society’s own plot at Kunjaban Township mainly for production of different saplings of fruit, flower and foliage and effecting supply to Directorate of Horticulture & Soil conservation and other interested gentry of the society.

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